How Does Oktoberfest Work?

Oktoberfest is a themed area where you can enjoy German brews, brats, decor, sing-alongs, shot-ski, das boot and more! It is $5 to enter this area and does NOT include any tasting. Food and beverage are purchased separately in the Oktoberfest tent. The only included tastings are in the Cheese, Wine, and Craft Beer tasting area, which is separate from the Oktoberfest area, and is $20 in advance ($30 at the door). Entrance to the Oktoberfest tent is free with purchase of tasting tickets.



Are pets allowed?

In the general admission area, yes. In the tasting area, no.

Why did the event change to one tasting session?

We wanted to model our tastings after other successful events, like in Boston, MA, Akron, OH, Richmond, VA, and even the Taste of McHenry Village in Modesto. One session, for a longer period of time, allows people to fully enjoy and embrace the atmosphere of a tasting, being educated on the wines, cheeses, and craft beers they're tasting, rather than just trying to get as much in their belly's as they can in the two hour frame. While this presents different challenges, we believe moving to the Masonic Hall and surrounding area in 2015 gives us the space needed to make it a more comfortable experience.

Why Did The Event Move From The Community Center?

This is a neighborhood issue. Looking at the ability to make the Expo more entertaining to bring more people out, we couldn't do that without severely impacting the people on the streets around the community center. Out of respect to those living in that neighborhood, we moved the event to a location with more businesses that would welcome the increased traffic for the weekend.

What if I'm not drinking, but want access to the tasting area?

We do not have any designations for those only partaking in select aspects of the tasting. The entry fee for the tasting area is $20 in advance, and $30 at the gate (if tickets remain available), whether you're interested in cheese, wine, craft beer, any combination of the three, or none of the above.